(No more killing)

By Jenny Moxham
To the tune of Happy Christmas (War is over) By John Lennon

So this is Christmas
Another year done,
Have we grown any wiser
Or simply had fun.

Have we tried to spread kindness
Have we done all we can,
To make this world better
And not simply for man.

For all of Earth's creatures
Who live with us here,
Like us want a peaceful
And a happy new year.

So this is Christmas
It's come by so fast,
Will this be a good one
Or like those of the past.

Gotta stop all the killing
Gotta learn how to care,
For Earth's gentle creatures
This world's so unfair.

So a very merry Christmas
And a happy new year,
Let's make this a good one
For everyone here.

No more killing,
No more sorrow
Here's to kinder
World tomorrow.
May the New Year
Be the best year
We have ever

By Jenny Moxham 15/12/09