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Have Hope

I have hope
of animals in fields, wandering.
Their path shifted
to something new
and kind.

A whisper of change
that rushes louder
in tall branches
and sleeping blossoms.

As light fades
and moonlight drifts,
pouring over mountain tops.
It kisses the world.

I want to believe in
sticky stars
and cat whisker tickles
of childhood.
Of feet on wet grass
and summer smiles.

A return to something pure.

To release the hardship,
conflict and hatred of others.
Put down the banner
and finally sink into rest,

The gentle thrum of potential
of humans gone wild,
attempting to come together.

To delight in
self-worth without
power and eradication,
cruelty and discord.

A balance.
A shift.
A hope?

I have hope
of animals in fields, wandering.
Of humans with bare feet on grass.
As the world turns
and our paths shift,
to something new
and kind. 

have hope
Ink drawing - caricature, self image J.H. Dickinson

Art J.H. Dickinson

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