Tami HayPoetry and Prose By Tami Hay, M.A., RMT from All-Creatures.org


One soft spring day, you came to me
Nuzzling, muzzling, soothing my thoughts free
Into our fire-lit kitchen,
My great Omni-presence

I touch your furry, joyful nowness
Your smelling prowl-ness
Regathering all the spheres of light
I've loved and lost along the way

As I rest my hand on you, I leave my head
and all the noise that they feed us

We play, my four-legged friend and I
Green light in forest bathing
With earth’s dew brushing our toes
mycelium running...

And we breathe and smell into spring...
this sticky poplar woods, tail-wagging
So much beauty, the sun dances upon
Burning up the rubbish stories, we took on

On our sacred morning path, frogs are waking
Another day of ruminating, we are forsaking
As you coax me to remember
This time is all we have...

I come to you,
My canine friend, vulnerable
You Christened me honourable

Why such excitement for humanity?
Is it so, we do not give up on each other?

I walk behind you, child-woman-warrior
You love me back to the here and now
You teach me how...
To live the path of joy and devotion

I fall to my knees to hug you
Humbled in the Omni-presence of such unconditional love

dog Bella
Bella's smelling 'prowl-ness'...

© Tami Hay 2023


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