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Poetry and Prose By Tami Hay, M.A., RMT

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Tami Hay has been a vegan, writer, dreamer and artist for many years. She started Million Vegan Grandmothers in 2021.

She has a Masters in Integrative Nutrition specializing in Detoxification, Hydration and Gut Health. Author of EarthGut: The Story of Peace, Love and Microbes and Our Connection to Mother Earth and Sacred Sovereignty: The Infinity Path to HEAL. Visit her website at TamiHay.com.

Tami completed a Masters in Live Food Plant Based Nutrition and is super passionate about Nutrition and nature, poetry, veganism, earthing, cold plunges and Life Coaching based on her HEAL protocol.

Her blessing to ALL is that we all find health, joy love, and freedom for ALL in our journey back home.

May food be your medicine,
and medicine be your food.
May you eat to live healthy
May you always know how to find
your North Star
May the silence of resting Mother Earth
Find its way to your heart
Everyone is an artist
Eat, live ,create and love in a a way
that brings you closer to Creator
...and let go of the rest
Art is the sanctuary for the heart
In these precarious times...
May you find the sparks of Divine
that lift all sentient beings to freedom
May we all be artists...
creating a conscious, peaceful planet
Gratitude is the only foundation
on which a spiritual life can be built


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