shenita-etwarooAnimal Rights and Other Poetry By Shenita Etwaroo From

Heart of Fur

My heart is very strange altogether:
At times itís covered in fur all around,
Or wool, skin or even feathers,
Depending on what animal Iíve found!
For no human love is more pure or true
Than a beloved pet, a love so strong,
And full of simple beauty, through and through,
A love which remains as a life is long.
A human, with a flawed human heart, may
Love on his own terms; but a pet I know
Who snuggles close on a wintery day
Loves no matter which way the wind doth blow.
And so I resign my heart and my mind
To the great love of rabbits, cats, dogs, and their kind.


© Shenita Etwaroo 

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