By Beth Levine
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

By Beth Levine

What would happen if you were feeling sad and Cow came up to you and put her head against your chest and you noticed how it felt as if she were trying to help you with your hurt?

Or if you cradled Chicken and your skin felt her soft, soft feathers and the vibrations of her purr saying “I am happy here with you”?

How would it be for you to notice how Turkey, who typically kept to himself, came to the aid of a newcomer who was being bullied by another?

What would happen if you spent a day with Pig and came to feel his nuzzle against your leg when he wanted a belly rub or for you to give him a treat and you thought to yourself “Pig is just like Dog”?

Can you let yourself hug Lamb?  How would you hug her?  What do you feel?

How would it be for you to let yourself be touched by those who are usually invisible to your heart?
Your heart that beats like Cow’s heart beat
Like Chicken’s heart beat
Like Turkey’s heart beat
Like a drum inside you
Can you feel the reverberations?   “I – en -joy – life - too, - just – like - you.”

What do you notice?  How your world expands and your heart opens?

Do you feel a mercy that has roots deep inside you?

Can you listen to your soul, the place inside you that protects all innocent others

Like Goat
Who, when you call out to him, comes running.  Lies down next to you.
You feel his warmth and scratch him behind his ears.
He looks in your eyes, a look that says “Thank you, my friend”

How would that be for you?

Would you follow this connection with other beings that brings you home to your compassion?

If you did

Can you notice the peace within you?

Can you notice the peace within them, now that they are safe with you?

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