Poetry by Tammy C. Smith
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Poetry by Tammy C. Smith

Good Morning, Dr. Joy,
I have an awful hurt!
Deep within my chest. No sir,
no injury at work.

Yes, it started late last week
and will not go away.
No, aspirin is not helping,
so what else can I take?

Yes, it is very painful.
Yes, when I breathe in deep.
Yes, Dr. Joy, itís hard
at night to fall asleep.

Fever? No, I donít think so.
No, no temperature.
Yes, often times I do feel
in my chest a pressure.

Goodness! You should have warned me!
Your stethoscope is cold!!
I was not prepared for that.
Take a deep breath and hold?

Dr. Joy?  What is it?
What is it that you hear?
Your face looks so troubled now,
as in my eyes you peer.

Yes, I do feel very weak.
Yes, more so at nighttime.
What is wrong with me Dr?
My blood tests came back fine.

My heartbeat is healthy: strong.
Well, thatís very good news.
Yes, sometimes I do feel down.

Dr. Joy, thereís no way!
Come on!  Surely you jest?
How in the world could the ďblueísĒ
put these pains in my chest?

Of course, I read the paper
and watch the news each day.
Yes, I get very upset.
Mostly animals Iíd say.

Just to learn of their abuse,
to hear of their neglect.
You know theyíre slaughtered daily.
It makes me so upset!

Donít read and donít watch the news?
Just look the other way?
Try to think of other things?
My pain will go away?

But what will that solve, Dr.?
To simply turn my head?
My chest pain is getting worse!
Avoid the news, you said?

I canít just ignore the truth.
Itís not how I was raised.
My Daddy did not teach me
to look the other way!!

I donít wish to hear these things;
the abuse and neglect.
By these heartless men who seem
to never have regret.

I donít want to learn these things,
but Dr., theyíre still there.
Just by choosing not to look
wonít make my heart not care.

Dr. Joy, tell me why
my chest pain and the world,
you think have a connection.

What? A tender-hearted girl?
Thatís your diagnosis?
Not the flu, or an ulcer?
I just donít believe this!!!

Thereís nothing you can do?
Tender hearts cannot be helped.
A simple case of ďblueísĒ!

Iíll have to live with this pain,
the ďblueísĒ is what you said.
Stop reading the newspaper,
no TV before bed.

My heart is just to tender
to learn of certain things?
My ďblueísĒ will go away soon,
learn to be accepting?!

Just accept the world? Dr.,
Iím trying to change the world.
With my choices, prayers.  Yes, me:
a tender-hearted girl!

I will NEVER just accept
this world as it is.  No way.
Dr., would you please visit
all-creatures.org today?

Itís my favorite website,
I find it comforting.
Here, Iíll write that down for you.
Youíll find it surprising!

Dr., thank you for your time.
You have a nice day too.
One hundred and ten dollars?!
Fine, insurance; cross blue.

Yes, Iím sure.  Please try again.
My blue card is valid!
Wallet, head and heart: each held
the color blue though hid.

I left with no prescription;
just shades of blue to hide.
Where in my wallet and heart
apparently resides.

Shades of blue will follow me
until the world finds peace:
Iíll ask God to ease my heart
ache down upon my knees.

With my card and heart and soul
all wearing the same hue,
Iíll work to change the world with
my hidden shades of blue.

Though my tender heart is blue
I cannot help but think:
true compassion is not blue.
Well, maybe just in ink.

Just a tender hearted girl
with hidden shades of blue:
heart and soul and plastic card,
also my ink pen too.

Give me strength, Dear Lord, I pray:
how can I change the world?
With my pen and hidden blues,
a tender-hearted girl?

Write? Just keep writing? Just write!
HIS prescription is written.
Help me, Lord, find my many
shades of blue still hidden.

Give me strength to make choices
that will please You everyday.
Grant me words of compassion
to share along the way.

Bless me with Your presence Lord;
and the color blue within
my wallet, head, heart and soul
but especially my ink pen.

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