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The Horse Did What?

Amidst the rugged mountainside,
Where the wild mustangs roam with pride,
Their freedom once untamed and vast,
Now threatened by a cruel contrast.

The ranchers claim they cause great harm,
To the forest's foliage and its charm,
And so they come with ropes in hand,
To round them up and make a stand.

But in their eyes, we see the fear,
Of knowing that the end is near,
Their fate is sealed, their time is done,
No longer free to feel the sun.

The thundering hooves that once ran wild,
Are now reduced to a tragic pile,
Of bones and dust and broken dreams,
A heart-wrenching sight that forever screams.

For these creatures of the earth,
Who gave the land its endless worth,
Were treated with such little care,
Their memory forever bare.

Oh, how we wish we could go back,
And undo the wrongs that caused this lack,
Of empathy for those who roam,
The wild and free, their rightful home.

So let us stand for the wild mustang,
And speak out loud, and make a change,
To end this tragic fate they face,
And let them run in their rightful place.

But let us not forget the truth,
The damage done by a logging sleuth,
Who clear-cuts forests without remorse,
Destroying nature's endless force.

The mustangs, blamed for what they've not done,
Bear the brunt of a much larger problem,
The logging industry's unchecked greed,
Is the real culprit, causing the forest to bleed.

So let us fight for a balanced land,
Where mustangs roam and forests stand,
And hold accountable those who seek,
To exploit the earth with profit's peak.

wild horses logging

Tim Gorski 2023


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