Butterflies Katz veganHuman Insanity
By M. Butterflies Katz
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

Human Insanity
By M. Butterflies Katz

Sometimes, I find, my perception of humanity
Is overwhelmed by the abundance of insanity.

Man sprays the planet with toxic compounds to poison bugs and weeds -
He's ignorant of the poor judgment inherent in these deeds.

He endangers many species; renders some others extinct….
He doesn't see "The Big Picture" and that all of us are linked.

He renders the soil worthless; devoid of all fertility.
In other lands, he purchases a child, for his utility.

Man enslaves his own species and the other animals, too -
Engages in mass murder of his own, in times of old and new.

He makes the "Almighty Dollar" his God and his guiding light.
He lives without integrity; does what's easy, not what's right.

He lusts after money with a materialistic greed,
While his fellow human cries for help in impoverished need.

Man will execute the trees like they are "growing out of style"…
Never pondering the repercussions of this, all the while.

He passes through enchanted woods and leaves his rubbish behind,
And limits concern for his fellow man to one's of his own kind….

He has little tolerance for other religions or races…
He's one who believes his color's the best color for all faces.

He adorns himself with gadgets and pierces his skin for rings…
He thinks he is attractive by doing such meaningless things.

He treats the disease, but neglects the preventative measure --
With little forethought, he delves into momentary pleasure.

He settles for "mere sex" rather than the "art of Love-making"…
He is empty inside, because his passion he's forsaking.

He is a being that is cruel; that inflicts suffering and pain.
His viewing of "animals as a commodity" -- is insane!

His mind invented the telephone, the computer chip, and more,
But can't learn that "eating animals" is an action to abhor.

He fuels his body and soul with a most violent of diets --
Never thinking to correlate this with rising city riots.

He lives on top of each other; like hens in a factory farm…
And with businesses polluting air and stream, ignoring their harm!

Something he is compelled to do -- is to over-populate --
Unlike animals, when resources dwindle, he will still mate!

He will step on his comrade to make himself appear supreme --
Wrapped up in himself, he cares not for the members of his team.

This "He" lives in the street bum, as well as the nation's president…
Some aspect of this man lives in every global resident.

Are we powerless to change "the lack of virtue" that eludes man?
Will we ever know that yearned for "Peace on Earth" in our life's span?

Can the should subdue the ego; can we unmask our human lies?
Will we elevate and save our race, before humanity dies?

Will we annihilate ourselves with the weapons made by man?
Or will we turn it all around, as only us humans can?

Humanity created insanity -- yet -- we're able to see…
That within each of us lies the power to set sanity free.

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