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I Will Always Love You

I will always love the way you smelled like sweet vanilla bliss,
The way youd grind your bunny teeth, and share a bunny kiss.
I will always love how you could dry my eyes when I was down,
You knew just the touch Id need, to vanish my every frown.
I will always love how you gave me hope, whenever I was ill,
When my life was looking grim, you gave me some extra thrill.
I will always love how you were there, even when I was wrong,
I had made some bad decisions, but you were never mad for long.
I will always love the memory of when we first linked eyes;
From right then I knew wed be a match, with very special ties.
I will always love your selflessness, yet how you stuck around,
When I felt my feet were losing grip, you kept them on the ground.
I will always love how you would wait for me to return home,
And when I appeared you would act as though Id just taken a throne.
Such a tiny friend, with such a true heart, one larger than more than a few,I will always cherish the fact that you graced my life with your beautiful presence.


Shenita Etwaroo

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