I'm a Dog
By Meaghan Carmichael
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

I'm a Dog
By Meaghan Carmichael

I知 a dog
I知 in a cage
Why am I in a cage?
Why are my friends disappearing every day?

I知 a furry dog
I知 a fat dog
I知 a furry, fat dog on a wire
A wire that digs into my flesh.

I知 a furry fat and in pain dog
There is a dagger sticking out from my groin
There is my crimson blood on the snow
My crimson blood is on the white snow.

I知 a weak dog
I知 a weak German Shepherd Dog
I知 a weak German Shepherd Dog that is slowly dying
I知 dying.

I知 an almost dead dog.
My blood is pouring out of my groin and my neck
That wire is making me bleed.
I am losing a lot of blood.

I am losing a lot of blood
I am watching my blood land on my beautiful German Shepherd Dog coat
I am losing a lot of blood and my coat is slick with MY blood
And my tail is still wagging.

I see my master痴 coming back.
My master who did this to me.
My master is walking towards me with a different knife.
My master stabbed my neck with the knife.

I am still alive and in so much pain
I cry as I see all my crimson lifeblood pouring out like water from a tap.
My master brought a bowl, an empty bowl, This bowl he pressed against my neck.
My master is using the bowl to collect my blood.

My master brought another bowl 
My master pressed this bowl against my groin
He collects my crimson blood from my groin, I am in complete agony.
My tail is still whipping around like a windmill.

My master unwired me from the fence.
My master is lifting up my wire and hanging me outside by his shop.
I can read the sign it says on his windows
It says Dog and it has prices on it.

I am a commodity.
I am reading the sign, it hurts so much, more than the pain of my life being drained away.
More than the current torture my master is putting me through.
He is skinning me.

I blink and tears fall from my eyes. 
I glance down and I see my beautiful fluffy German Shepherd Dog coat.
I blink again, no tears only blood, crimson blood.
My tail is still wagging as death finally comes, I whine, and slip away.

I will never forget the sign. 

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