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Poetry By Carl Porten

In A Place I Survive...

Wait! Stop!
Do yínot understand!
...I donít want that sperm
youíve got clenched in your hand!

Your just addiní more memories
to others youíve filed,
Ďcause I know when I give birth
youíll steal my child.

I remember last time,
it left nightmares behind,
I was taken aní caged
aní your hands showed no kind.

Man? Iím not sure,
aní kind, thereís no way,
the Gods really fucked up
givin names out that day,

Ďcause you kick me aní punch me
aní whack me with brooms,
to force me in stalls
where I canít fuckiní move,

aní I cringe when your hands
brush up against me,
but Iím trapped in these bars
where I canít run away,

aní those fuckiní things hurt,
still what humans donít see,
are the ghosts that replace
your machines milkiní me.

Bringiní back nightmares
where two or three more,
humans attack me
aní force me though doors-

-aní I screamed,
...but nobody heard,
now Iím pregnant again
to fulfill my lifeís worth,

bringiní nightmares again,
where storks fly on by
droppiní babies to mothers
I wait with a smile.

But the stork then turns dragon
who tosses my child,
aní left tumbliní free falliní
looks at me aní smiles.

His mouthís spilliní drops
that dance on his lips,
as his teeth start to show
aní he shifts to my kid,

aní with one mighty roar!
I heard just before,
he closed his mouth tight
with my baby inside

Itís a horrible dream,
but then here in my life,
itís just day after day
in a place I survive.

Well it was anyway
Ďtill yídrove me away,
on the back of a truck
through the wind aní the rain.

Seemed like days,
cramped in a cage,
so tight we canít move
aní scared fear canít explain.

I spy through a gap
in the trailer Iím in,
when the back doors flung open
aní panic begins,

filthy monsters stood there.
I look thereís nowhere,
tírun off aní hide
as a stench fills the air~

~aní fears all I smell
as you shoo shoo shoo shoo!
We donít know where weíre going
or what theyíre gonna do.

Thereís a bang as they lower
aní smash títhe ground,
a great ramp that they force us
aní make us go down.

Pushed through large doors
to a cramped stenchy room,
with cold concrete walls
aní more gates to go through.

Past the next fuckiní gate though,
what my eyes did see,
was far more than the nightmares
that I used to dream.

The passage got narrow,
took me by surprise,
when they pointed their gun
at my head, what a sight.

Aní bang!.....
My weight took a knee,
as he took aim once more
aní put me to sleep.

Their dragginí me,
I see when I wake,
aní my hearts left explodiní
with sights my eyes take

as rows of my brothers
all hung by their feet
upside down thrashiní Ďround
aní some that arenít breathiní.

Thatíll happen to me!
I donít want to die,
theyíre all covered in blood
aní the screams aní their cryís!

Like forks slowly driftiní
Ďcross warm china plates,
cringiní your body
Ďtill fear makes you shake.

Hanginí here hopeless,
I know Ďcause I tried.
I kicked aní I kicked
but death took me that tonight.

The shower of blood
as the knife passed my head
flashed my life in my eyes
now all smothered in red.

Warm blood on my face,
I slowly drown,
aní to count my last breath
heaven sent angels down.

Who stayed Ďtill the end
aní watched as I died,
from that last fuckiní slice
that yímade with your knife,

think about this
when you eat your next steak,
or drink my sons milk,
Ďbout the lives that it takes.

Aní pain that it causes
tíwake every day,
in nightmares you kill us,
in life itís the same.

Dear monster one day
I hope you find love,
so that Jekyll aní Hyde
can finally break up,

aní youíll stop takiní lives
from souls left shattered,
...aní open your heart,
tífind ďall lives do matter...Ē


Poetry © 2022 Carl Porten

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