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In Memorial

I remember the day like it was yesterday;
Going to the pet store, optimistic, spontaneous,
And then I found you…
I knew right away that you were special.
I knew right away that you and I were meant for each other.
I took you home. I had a cage for you,
But I couldn’t keep you in there.
You weren’t just a pet…you were my baby…
Soon, you were my best friend.
From that first day our chemistry grew
We always seemed to link up together,
And while you were easy to deal with,
And I know that, at times, I was anything but,
It was still easy for you to deal with me.
I turned to you when I was sad
And anytime I was ill.
When I was in a silly mood, I’d sing to you;
You never made fun of me for my voice,
Regardless of how off-key I was.
I LOVED to play with you,
And you loved it even more.
I enjoyed giving you your “babylicious” nicknames,
And your affectionate responses when hearing them,
You never wanted me to leave in the morning,
And acted as if I was gone for years when I returned;
You were SO happy to see me back with you;
As was I, each and every day,
You know how much I love you,
As I reminded you, day-in and day-out.
But I feel as if I could tell you a million times more.
I think I actually love you more than you love food!
You always made sure I was safe,
And you let me know when something was wrong.
When I didn’t accept your warnings at first,
You always wound up being right in the end.
I’m forever thankful for your help,
and for your guidance,
I was in pain when I was sick
But I suffered more when you were:
I never wanted you to struggle,
I never wanted you to leave.
But now I know, you’re no longer in pain,
You’re in Heaven, your sickness at an end,
That makes me the happiest person on earth.
It’s amazing to know you’re with God,
Hopping around, grinding your teeth.
I further exceed my own joy, knowing even more:
That I too will soon get to be in heaven,
I, too, will be able to be happy…
Happy to be with God, my troubles ended.
And happy to be with you, Neo.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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