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In Memory of Neo

In Memory of Neo,
my beloved NEO
May 18th, 2010;
the day it rained forever.
I had no idea, just then,
but it was our last day together.
I had felt your need to leave,
so many days before;
although I had to grieve,
I wished you to suffer no more.
I had long fought for you,
and you, always, for me;
this time there was nothing to do,
It was simply meant to be.
I felt the raindrops that day,
as they fell hard on my skin;
we’d seen our last chance to play,
to live in happiness, as we’d been.
It was a day of deepest pain,
but also a day of mercy;
I knew you couldn’t remain,
suffering, and so very sickly.
I wanted to keep you with me,
to wrap you up in my arms,
I wanted you to be healthy,
I wanted to keep you from harm.
But the hardest part of love
is having to say goodbye.
I told you to enjoy life above,
and tried to hold back when I cried.
I thanked you for your presence,
for the way you brightened each day
from a boring existence,
to a chance to laugh and play.
Those words were the hardest to speak,
to say it was okay to go,
but I could see that your body weak,
it was important to let you know:
you didn’t need to hold on for me,
you could allow yourself to find peace.
The time you’d spent making me happy,
would comfort me in my grief.
I held you in my arms that night,
as the hours each passed by,
You were there, still in my sight,
but I knew you’d long said goodbye.
I felt your warm bunny-fur
until all trace of warmth faded;
I never thought that day would occur,
my feelings were complicated.
Despite the torment I felt
you looked so peaceful and serene,
though I hated what I had been dealt,
there was no pain to be seen.
I asked Jesus to take you asleep,
to find gently his loving embrace;
I knew He would always keep
you warm, and happy, and safe.
It was time to let you go;
I didn’t think I could be tough,
I loved you so deeply, and so,
I knew life without you would be rough.
I couldn’t quite see it then,
through my tears and the endless rain,
but we’ll be together again,
and your joy you far outweighs the pain.
From day one you inspired me,
and still to this instant in time,
to always strive to be happy,
to not forget the love that is mine.
I did not simply lose a pet,
I lost a big part of me,
the very best part yet,
the part that had set me free.
I know that you see me still,
that you share your bunny kisses;
though I feel your presence, and will,
your warmth my heart still misses. 

© Shenita Etwaroo

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