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In the pens of the slaughterhouse By Sandra Isobel Kyle, May Safely Graze

In the pens of the slaughterhouse a frightened cow moos
Her body is trembling, her heart racing too
Her eyes are all red from confusion and pain
She will never emerge from this hellhole again
Each passing moment counts downs her doom
Her friends disappear, it will be her turn soon
In this place of darkness where all hope must fade
In an end-blast of agony her spirit is stayed
To meet eternal darkness or to be reborn
We cannot know; but still we can mourn
An innocent creature, a victim of greed
And selfishness; O why don't you heed
A simple message of Compassion and Right?
We don't need to do this, can't you see that there might
Be a better way, a higher path, that we can follow
Won't you join us to walk it - today not tomorrow!

Sandra Isobel Kyle, 2024

terrified Cow
Photo by Summer Jayne at AFFCO Castlecliff, Whanganui, New Zealand, 23 June 2024

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