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Inhumanity By McKenna Grace Fisher

Complacency staring me in the face down every street,
Walking alone through the ruins, asphalt cracked is all I see,
By an by the trucks passing through, factory farms stealing life,
Dreams of mankind holding false like a claim of an ex wife...

Consciousness deficient, yet thought wise the Status Quo,
Portal to the sky gases fill the air then rain fluffy grey snow,
Suffocating the earth and all her beings with a toxic chem trail,
How does our heart beat with utter destruction, epic fail...

Monsters among us as we try desperately to change minds,
Lining pockets of industries wealth with their billboard signs,
Laugh it up Monsanto you GMO freaks killing off the people,
Poisoning the animals and paying off the politician sheeple...

Out of the blue randomness finds your soul, let's talk,
Forget all you've known and come with me, let's walk,
Behind the shadowed steal building and rusted cars,
Sunlight hurts my eyes, underground too long they're sore...

No light leading the way to yesterday, gotta turn around,
Holocaust for our innocent, knee deep in muddied ground,
Slaughterhouses bloodied walls, glove wearing men with knives,
Paid to murder day to day, minute by minute 140 million lives...

World wide that number, souls humans kill with no remorse,
And you have the nerve to question my motives, of course,
Albeit satisfactory to you, that it's just the way it is, eat,
Flesh of another being it's what humans have deemed meat...

Latent sickness permeates the masses, science fiction,
This is what this world's become, there's a pill for the fixin,
You're a cinematic motion picture, cut the film make it stop,
Testing on animals, drilling holes makes their head pop...

Pushing the luck of the draw, you've now played the only hand,
Sign on the dotted line cause fate's drawn that line in the sand,
Redeemer hold out your hand it's time to end this massacre,
Going in for the kill and I'll be your nemesis at the door...

It's like gold dust in blue waters for you rapers of the sea,
Enslaving brilliant beings slaughtering dolphins in Taiji,
Shark finning in Costa Rica dropping live bodies starboard,
Tradition, culture call it what you want you soulless coward...

Governments entrusted to do what's right but it's all wrong,
Psychopaths let out of jail, seven months served, now probation,
Your excuse is that you followed all the laws, times up,
Tax payer dollars spent to monitor their movements, crap...

Time for truth against the science, we will never be silent,
Skinning animals alive for their fur, I stand firm and defiant,
We are the change we wish to see in this world, get out of our way,
Knight to corner right, we hold the next move in this game you play...

2013 McKenna Grace Fisher

Image credit: Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

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