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Animal Rights Poetry By Vivian Chinelli


I hate to be a pest
but Iíd like to put you to the test
and ask you why we eat the animals
we choose to ingest.
We do it 'round the world,
north and east, south and west.
Itís a straight up evil system.
Call it messed up, at best.

So now itís time to ask,
ďHowíd a nice kid like you,
ends up eating sliced-up animals
we toss in a stew?Ē
Itís a story hard to hear,
but donít you fear, Iíll make it clear.
So letís just get right to the truth
and we will tackle it here.

It started with such loving words
from dad and your mother.
ďBe kind to precious animals,
and do unto others
just as you would have others
do unto you. But now
itís time to eat, my dear.
Iíve made your favorite Ö
BEEF stew!Ē

And thereís the contradiction.
Itís not fiction. Itís so true
that a lie was fed to you
so you could do what you do.
Pet the dog, love the cat
but eat the cow or the chick.
That invisible force has kept us in the dark
and therein lies the trick.

They tricked us into calling
little piglets, bacon. Hell, we
call a cow a hot dog
or a burger and steak, and
they disconnected us
from the truth at the start.
Now weíre stuck with all this illness
and disease of the heart.

We hurt these precious creatures.
They deserve a better fate than
being brutalized then slaughtered
all to end up on our plate.
And then we see and eat
what we call ďmeatĒ
without a second thought
about a system we bought into,
one thatís terribly fraught
with such corruption and disruption
to our very inner core,
that craves compassion and respect,
the need for justice and more.

Our government is shrewd
promoting high risk food.
They get their pockets lined with cash
and it is we who get screwed Ďcause
Animal Farms and Big Pharma
have had a hand in the game and
theyíre destroying our environment
but wonít take the blame.

And we donít want to hear it.
We steer clear of it and fear it,
knowing it requires change
so we donít want to go near it.

Yet the time has come
to stand up to that force
and make a fuss,
but Ďcause we support the system,
it turns out (sadly), that force Ö
is US!!


© Vivian Chinelli, 2022


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