Is There A Zoo In Heaven?
By Kevin Kirkpatrick
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Is There A Zoo In Heaven?
By Kevin Kirkpatrick

Do you ever wonder where all the animals go 
That became extinct so very long ago? 
Or even so the ones that recently have gone, 
Like the night doeth disappear before the light of dawn.

I like to think they go to a very special place 
No longer having to put up with the human race. 
I like to think there is a zoo way up on high 
For all of Godís creatures that abruptly had to die.

Our God is the keeper of this very special zoo, 
I believe He cares for them in spite of what we do. 
From nothingness to life He brought them all to be: 
Creatures on the land and through the sky and in the sea.

He will not let them vanish for He loves them one and all; 
With gentle hands He catches each and every one that falls. 
So when to Him we will ascend upon our judgment day, 
Just suppose weíre on a tour and this is what Heíll sayÖ

ďCome my children, walk with Me; I want to show you something new, 
The beauty of My creation that I made for Me and you. 
These creatures you may see in their homes that I have made, 
You may marvel at their beauty that I will not allow to fade -

But these are special creatures you are not allowed to touch. 
They are mine; mine alone and I love them very much. 
The reason that I tell you this is so that you will know 
They are here because of sin that you allowed to grow.

I made them for my pleasure then I placed them on the Earth, 
Then I gave them up for you to decide their service and their worth. 
Most of the creatures you raised and managed well, 
Some you used for labor and others you did sell.

But these are the ones that with heartlessness you slew, 
You slaughtered till their numbers went from great to just a few. 
And then there are the ones you killed till there were none; 
Their plight you ignored until your lust for death was done.

So their reward is freedom from the humans that I made. 
Never will they have to serve another single day. 
Take a look, enjoy the sight, Iím about to set them free 
And seal them in a paradise for all eternity.

Never will you see their likenesses again - 
Never will you know what should have always been; 
A paradise with both of you to live in harmony, 
Iíve decided that I wonít allow you in their company.Ē

I know this sounds a bit absurd to you who read these words, 
But maybe there is hope for us if only we will urge 
Everyone whoíll listen and stop to realize 
That we cannot simply disregard each and every animal life.

No one knows the things that God has prepared 
So donít assume that animals are not allowed to share 
In whatever paradise He chooses to create, 
Donít presume youíre unaccountable for their fate.

Good stewards we are told that we should strive to be - 
Foolish is the one who believes itís just about money. 
Donít be the one who through your sin they will be gone, 
Letís change our ways Ďfore itís too late, letís right this awful wrong.

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