Jesus And the Turkey
By Lorraine Drake
An Animal Rights Poem from

Jesus And the Turkey
By Lorraine Drake

Once he was free the Turkey
Once he could fly with glee
Once he could raise his children
Just like you and me

Then man came and took him
Took away his liberty
He caged him just to fatten
For greed, not need, you see

He knows his days are numbered
As he stands on broken limbs
His body weight so heavy
How dreadful is man's sin

The tears run down his gentle face
But his cries, YES, I have heard
And I am asking all of you
Please don't eat this once proud bird

Then Jesus came and lifted him
And so sadly shook his head
My father, why have they done this?
I don't know my son, God said

And then Jesus asked me to tell you
That peace and goodwill is the rule
Compassion and kindness to ALL living things
Not killing, killing is cruel

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