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Jewel of the Sky

Once a dragonfly caught my eye,
With wings that shimmered in the sky,
It flew so fast, it seemed to zoom,
Like a fighter jet with a sonic boom.

Its eyes were big, with thousands of lenses,
Being the most powerful of its senses,
And when it landed on a nearby tree,
I knew this bug was meant to be.

Dragonflies are ancient bugs,
Lived through wars, and human thugs,
Their wings are works of art, it's true,
With colors shining with a brightly hue.

They're predators of the highest class,
Eating bugs that bother us en masse,
So if you see one buzzing near,
Know that you've got nothing to fear.

Dragonflies are symbols, too,
Of courage, strength, and happiness, it's true,
And when they fly, they tell us why,
We should cherish and protect our sky.

Dragonflies are more than just cool,
They're also an environmental jewel,
Their presence or absence can reveal,
Whether a body of water is healthy or ill.

Let's cherish these winged wonders so bright,
And work to keep their habitats in sight,
For if we fail to keep them strong,
Their magic may vanish before too long.

So let's protect the waters they call home,
And the meadows and forests they love to roam,
And ensure that these ancient jewels survive,
For future generations to see them thrive.

So, the next time you see a fly with a dragon head and great big eyes,
Tell her "thanks" for keeping our waters strong,
For without them we'd be singing a different song 


Tim Gorski 2023


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