By M. Linda Steffey

Why does Man take pleasure
In killing just to kill?
With bow, arrow, and powerful guns
He blasts away for the thrill...
He claims he enjoys all of Nature
To watch the rising Sun...
And he tramps through woods for hours
With his beer and his trusty gun!

And he shoots whatever comes along
Whatever Soul comes his way
Drinking his beers and littering Earth
And that's what he does with his day!
He brags and laughs to those of his kind
How many times that he shot
One tiny Deer or Bear or Bird...
And left their flesh to rot!!

For all he cares to do, you see
Is Kill because he is Mad!
And he loves to see the Blood run red
And this makes me Angry and Sad!
For these kind of Men have no Respect
For Life of any kind....
And if you look into this "Sport"
Other horrors you will find!

A Hunter smells and looks like Death
And Death is a silent Sound..
The Law of the Universe plainly states
What goes around...comes around...
They claim that each time he shoots
His Gun....
It damages the Heart....
But I say how could this be...
When he never had one from the

(c) M. Linda Steffey 2010