Kill No Animal
By Khy'em Amri
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Kill No Animal
By Khy'em Amri

If those with ears hear, what do those without do?
If those who are near have not fear - how will the far have a clue?

If I speak in rhymes, my words seem soft,
but the thoughtful should indeed give thought:

If a cow takes a bite at you - don't bite back!
I say: Eat THIS meat ~ producing what some lack.

Tell you free:
I love all beings,
and there's no need to hate.
If I tell you to stop eating (my friends!),
or plead with you: 'Please ABATE!'

My words fall on an empty ear,
and it seems 'pon an empty heart.
I thought poets would cherish the clear:
with a love like Adam, from the Start.

But this generation cannot see,
and Jesus said, in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve,
'Till they cease eating flesh, they'll not know God's Mystery!'
So I take the BOLD course to reach them who MAY delve!

If you are not born to be a vegetarian and persist in killing –
tell ya true, a cow'll be you – then GRASS WILL BE YOUR FILLING.

So if you will not cease from meat – know that you'll reap a thing…
And if you won't hearken when Poet Prophet's Preach,

For killing, these days, there is basically no excuse—
so excuse me, whoever you are -- you inflict abuse!

As you do to the least of these creatures, including the cows,
You do unto me, whether you believe it or not, then or in all nows!

I beg your pardon – but you are a killer, even if it is of beast:
But I must ask you solemnly, is not the docile cow 'the least'?

Go now you are forgiven, but DO NOT SIN AGAIN –
lest your exclusion, be riddled with blood-stain.

I just wanted to say:
"Don't eat my friends" –
is that too much to ask?

I say: "Kill no animal!" –
You say: "What a gruesome task!!!"

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