Lab Of Lies
By Janet Riddle
An Animal Rights Poem from


Lab Of Lies
By Janet Riddle

Millions die every year
their cries we cannot hear
We the public aren't allowed to see
inside these labs of misery

In these scientists, we believe
but where's the cures we're to receive?
Lies, scandals and ultimate greed
telling us what they think we need

They say that animals are the best
so they're applied to us in every test
But when you're ill, you can bed
you won't visit your neighborhood vet

Animals aren't the only to die
People too, suffer for this lie
Millions of people are killed or maimed
and the animal "proved safe" can be blamed

Animals and humans ~ how can we compare?
feeding us false hopes isn't fair
But our money keeps flowing in
and fraudulent science is rich with a grin

Those animals in the laboratory
test tubes with whiskers ~ they would agree
No more torture and no more pain
it's cruel, unnecessary and in vain

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