Tim GorskiPoetry and Art By Tim Gorski from All-Creatures.org


Ladybugs, oh ladybugs, they're quite a sight to see,
Red and black, orange and brown, they're colorful as can be.

They munch on aphids like it's candy, up to fifty in a day,
Keeping our plants safe and sound, so pests better stay away.

Ladybugs are good luck, or so we've been told,
In some countries, seeing one means sunshine, warmth, and gold.

They've got defense mechanisms, too, to protect them from attack,
A smelly yellow fluid they'll squirt out, predators won't be back.

Ladybugs hibernate in winter, snuggled up in a warm place,
They'll gather in groups to snooze, until springtime comes to grace.

Ladybugs, oh ladybugs, they're important for our earth,
They keep the ecosystem balanced, so let's give them some good mirth.

ladybug caricature

Tim Gorski 2023


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