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Lamp of Light

My love is a lamp filled with light,
that burns through the night.
Even when the rain falls,
It canít get through these walls.
Itís a flame that is strong,
and it will burn bright and long,
even when the wind gusts,
my lamp still shines as it must.
The wandering storm that approaches,
rages and rolls as it broaches,
but not even its lightning can strike down my light,
not even its thunder can silence loveís might.
This love is a chain,
formed of links that withstand pain.
This love cannot break,
no matter the pressure it is forced to take.
The lamp and the burning flame inside,
is formed of every tear Iíve ever cried.
It is formed with every cell of my being,
and every dream that Iím still seeing.
It shed its light for you,
and burned for both of us true.
You were there, you were always there,
when what I needed most was your care.
Not matter how hot my love flamed,
you were always shining, sparkling, never ashamed.
Your love became part of the light inside my lamp,
that nothing could ever completely stamp.
Even when the thunder began to roll,
and the raging storm took its toll,
even when from me you were stole,
I know that my flame is still whole.
Because no matter what the storm brings,
no matter how fierce the thunder sings,
my love is this lamp shining bright,
my love is every day and every night.
Though you are not with me,
you can never leave me,
though I grieve you,
I can never be without you.
We are one,
a kinship that can never be done,
my lamp shelters your love,
as it shelters my love,
and it burns, and it burns, and it burns.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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