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Leader of the Pack

Once there was a woman, so kind and true
Who rescued some dogs, who were blind and deaf too
She loved them and cared for them, day and night
Making sure they were happy and had a good sight

She would talk to them, in her gentle voice
Though they couldn't hear, they still had a choice
To feel her love, and her warm embrace
And know that they were in a safe place

She taught them to walk, and play and run
And showed them the world, through her love and fun
They would wag their tails, and bark with delight
Feeling the love, that shone so bright

And though they were different, from other dogs around
The woman loved them, and never made a sound
For she knew, in her heart, that love is blind
And it's the kindness, that's deep inside

So the dogs lived happily, with the woman they adored
Feeling loved and safe, and never feeling ignored
For love knows no boundaries, or limits at all
And it's the greatest gift, that we can give to all. 

leader of the pack

Tim Gorski 2023


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