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Leaving the Zoo

Once upon a time in the middle of the zoo
Two tigers met and fell in love, it's true
They dreamed of the world beyond their cage
And longed to live free, at a different stage

They'd meet by the rocks, under the moon's light
And talk of their plans, to escape in the night
They'd run through the fields, and swim in the stream
And chase after prey, in their wildest dream

But as they prepared, to make their great escape
The guards caught wind, and they couldn't elate
They chased the tigers, with all their might
And blocked their way to the exit in sight

The tigers roared, and fought with all their strength
But in the end, they couldn't go the length
They were captured, and locked away
Back in their cage, for another long day

Now they sit in their cage, with heavy hearts
Knowing that freedom is still so far apart
But they hold onto hope, and each other too
And plot their next escape, to see it through

They sharpen their claws, and practice their roar
And plan every move, to even the score
They won't give up, or let their dream die
They'll keep trying, until they reach the sky

For they know that one day, they'll be free
And roam the world, as wild as can be
So if you see them out there, under the moon
Just know they've escaped, and it happened none too soon.

two Tigers

© Tim Gorski 2023

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