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Like shattered glass

(written in response to LCA's ‘Super Cow’ animation)

My heart falls to the floor
Like shattered glass
Crystalline, sparkling
Tears that fall

I see images cast,
Story told, woven
Animated and evoking the child within

Brown dark eyes wide
A cow’s promised end
Of terror
Of cuts
Of body ownership

A fight and break for freedom
As she tries to live
The moment has me on the edge of my seat
As sunlight and green fields beckon

But nothing is given and fresh tears
Roll down my cheeks
Like blood trail - from cow number 613

And I dream of better days to come
For all animals
And a heart, that does not shatter
Like broken glass

© 2022 J.H. Dickinson

Dairy Cow Daisy
Image of Daisy from LCA's ‘Super Cow’ animation

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