An Animal Rights Poem from

Love Animals, Please Don't Eat Them By Flowers Fields

Love animals please donít eat them
Thatís such a simple thing to do
See an animal, greet them
Make new friends for you

Pet them enjoy them let them share the earth
No reason to kill or abuse them
Like us, they too give birth
Be kind, be gentle for we are like them

Animals have a mother, father and brother
Why put one at the end of your fork
Become anti violent, you donít want to eat someoneís sister
Please donít be such a dork

Animalís lives are precious
As all living lives should be
Please be kind respect us
We want to live long and free

No need to kill, experiment or wear
Anotherís life, itís so strange
Please be kind itís a dare
To make the cruelty free change.

Live and let live! Go vegan!

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