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For the Love of Dolphins

Two dolphins swim in their captive park,
Their love a flame that lights the dark.
The female's pregnant, they dream of the sea,
Where they can live with their newborn free.

Their love grows stronger with each passing day,
They long for the ocean, to swim and play.
They dream of a life where they're truly free,
And can raise their young in the vast blue sea.

The male sings a song of hope and love,
Of a life together in the sea above.
They'll leap and dance in the sparkling waves,
And show their newborn the love they crave.

Their dream is their solace, their hope and their light,
They'll keep it alive with all their might.
For their love is pure, and their dream is true,
And someday they'll be free to start anew.

So they swim and they dream, in their captive park,
And hope for a future, bright and stark.
Where they can be with their newborn free,
And live a life of love in the open sea.

captive Dolphins

Tim Gorski 2023


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