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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

"Isn't there room for me?"
Asked the Eagle to the Lord..
"Didn't You make me, also, with Thy Love?"
"Yes", replied another voice..
"Is this, too, not our world?"
This voice belonged to peaceful, little Dove!
A great Whale was in the Sea
Breaching in the Sun. He asked,
"When will they stop killing with harpoons?
They've blown apart my brothers all over
Oceans deep! When they stop it won't be
None to soon!"....
In pain came lovely Bobcat limping into
View and only had three legs upon his frame.
"With luck," he told the Lord, "I escaped with
My Life, because Man likes to wear the fur of
A deer came stumbling by with an arrow in his
Side. It festered up and looked an awful sight!
Said Owl to the Lord, "He's been like this five
Days and I doubt the poor soul lives out the
By now the Lord was crying and He hugged
Them one and all. He said, "I'm sorry that
Mankind can be so mean. Mankind can be
Selfish and even harms his own! But don't
You think this I haven't seen!...
I gave compassion to Mankind to stop these
Awful things! I made you all and your Life
Has a right. I told Man you were Magic, how
Special you are and how you share with Man
My Holy Light....
I hope Man doesn't ruin and kill off all of Life
Before he realizes what he's lost! For gifts of
Life, of beauty, are precious to your Lord, but
Man's the one who will have to bear the Cost!!.....

(c) M. Linda Steffey 1998

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