MAN'S WORTH?M. Linda Steffey
Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

If I could talk to animals
All over this dear earth
I'd ask them one and all
What they think man is worth?
I'd ask harassed coyote
"Should we shoot man for sport?"
And say he's just a menace
And we don't need his sort!

I'd ask the white-tailed deer
"Should we kill man for meat?"
But then he has no antlers..
His mounted head won't look too neat!
I'd ask beautiful tiger
"Should man die for his skin?"
And let some vain soul wear it
Would that be such a sin?

I'd ask all creatures hunted
"Should we shoot man for "fun"?
"Cause some flaw in our nature
Likes to see fear make them run?"
I'd ask the ones in zoos
Those man has put in cages
"Why don't we put man in there?"
And animals stare while man rages!

And last I'd ask all creatures
Would they do these things and more
To prove that THEY are "master"
Just to hear themselves "roar"!
Would they conquer earth and heaven?
Would they master river, sea?
Would they kill off what they couldn't?
And cage those which are free?

When will man use this head?
When will he listen to his heart?
To plunder and to conquer
Isn't always wise or smart!
When will man's heart learn kindness?
His greed for money cease?
Just ask God's lowly creatures..
Which "animal" they think is "beast?"...

by M. Linda Steffey

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