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It only takes a touch
to remind me that I am blessed,
that I am loved so much,
that my little miracle is just for me.
It may be a light caress,
against the back of my hand,
it may be a chaotic mess,
that only I can understand.
It may be a soft cry,
it may be a joyful squeal,
both can inspire a grateful sigh,
and have helped my soul to heal.
It’s her loving presence,
whether quiet or loud,
that sweet unconditional essence,
that makes me so very proud.
How many times have I walked on by,
Past the fluttering dance,
of a perfectly beautiful butterfly,
without ever giving it a second glance.
When she is near,
I never miss a sight,
because everything is so much more clear,
and she teaches me to delight.
Her constant awe
teaches me to pay attention,
to everything I never saw,
to the way nature can offer affection.
She’s opened my eyes
to the rainbow that shines above,
as it stretches across the skies,
an example of celestial love.
She awakened my spirit within,
to the truth that all things posses beauty,
and that no matter how hard it’s been,
joy will always outweigh misery.
She’s my little miracle, that’s for sure,
as she warms my heart,
I know I could never ask for more,
I know that we will never be apart.
She’s my blessing, a wish come true,
she’s the reason I wake,
she’s what paints the sky blue,
she’s the sun’s reflection on a still lake.
She’s everything that takes my breath away,
and I can’t believe she’s mine,
I know she’s here to stay,
a truer miracle I could never find.
No matter how many moments remain,
each one will be filled with joy,
because her light has chased away my pain,
and a miracle is something no one can destroy.
If one day I am gone I can only hope,
that everyone will have a chance to know
that this little beacon found me at the end of my rope,
and taught me to grow.
Miracles come in many different ways,
they come at exactly the right time,
and for all of the rest of my days,
I will be grateful that she is mine.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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