Mirror Mirror
Poetry by Tammy C. Smith
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Mirror Mirror
Poetry by Tammy C. Smith

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
who is the fairest one of all?

Is it she with hair of gold,
the brunette with lips so bold,

Or the girl with long red hair,
cheeks of cherry skin so fair?

Is it she with hair of streaks,
bright red nails on hands and feet?

Is it she with hair snow white,
no telltale roots dark as night?

Maybe the girl with bouncing curls,
big blue eyes and teeth like pearls.

Is it she with thick French braids,
dark brown hair and eyes of jade?

Is it she all wrapped in fur,
gold and diamonds draped on her?

Or the girl who wears the ink
of an artist's permanent?

Is it she with lashes long,
pretty face and lipstick on?

Is it she, covered in suede
head to toe and all hand made?

Maybe the girl with perfect skin,
eyes of brown with flecks golden.

Is it she with wrinkles gone,
money, too, for silicon?

Do they ever take the time,
while they paint and brush and line;

Only once do they wonder,
for this did a creature suffer?

For their hair with gray disguised,
did a living being die?

For their lashes long and dark,
did a creature's peace depart?

On their lips of red and pink,
do they ever stop and think?

Was another made to hurt,
just to advertise it works?

Or for skin so fair and pale,
did a creature endure hell?

Was a creature used to test,
just to call this war paint best?

On their cheeks a peachy hue,
some say blush and some say rouge.

For this glow of youth we search,
did the innocent meet hurt?

Ladies, I am not knocking
war paint, just animal testing.

I am myself all painted up
with only cruelty-free stuff.

For this beauty, is it worth
any creature of this earth

To be used as testing gear,
suffer pain and live in fear?

In this search for human vain,
in their cages they remain

Day by day and night by night,
all in the name of beauty right.

With your money, please don't spend
on products that caused life to end.

With your honest-earned paychecks,
please shop with those who show respect.

For every creature, man and beast,
why does four feet equal least?

Please remember as you shop,
look for products that say not

Tested on animals, please;
we must help; they cannot speak.

Please use your dollars to shout loud,
suffering will not be allowed.

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
who is the fairest one of all?

It is the girl with heart so kind,
when she shops she always finds

War paint that has not been tested
on creatures that God created.

It is she with conscience mind
before she shops or goes online,

To search for all those things needed,
and only buys those not tested

On any creature of this earth,
for peace and respect they deserve.

Of all the beauty in this world,
no matter man or beast or girl,

Compassion is a lovely trait,
with love, a lovely pair they make.

Love and compassion make me up,
beauty runneth over my cup.

True beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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