Mommy, I Thought
By Rachel Hamill
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Mommy, I Thought
By Rachel Hamill
age 12

Mommy, are we supposed to kill?
Mommy, that gives me a chill!
Mommy, are we made to suffer?
No, child we aren't made to suffer.
But mom, look at the calf! 
It looks as if she's being cut in half!
But child that is our food, don't you see?
Mommy, but why does this have to be?
Mommy, I do not see.
All I see is the killing here.
Oh no mom! They're slaying something so dear!
Why don't they run mom, don't they have a choice?
No child, they don't have a choice

Mommy, I prefer to see the animals free.
Mommy, I want to see the animals happy.
I want them out of harm and misery. 
I like to see them running mom, running for joy and glee.
I like to see them warm and at home where they are supposed to be.
Mommy, look at that rabbit!
Mommy, this cruelty has become a habit.
Oh mommy! Look at its eyes!
Mommy, don't they hear his painful cries?
Oh no mom! Look at that cat!
Oh mommy! Did us humans do that?
Mommy, did it do something wrong?
Did that suffering monkey long for the pain? 
Oh Mommy, you are struggling to answer.
Oh child, don't you see? 
That pup and cat are testing our beauty cream.

Mommy, I thought their life was more important.
Oh child, you're being silly. Animals are very different from us.
But mommy, I thought animals were our friends.
Well, they are child, they are our friends.
Mommy, am I supposed to treat my friends like this?
Mommy, I don't think my friends would like to be treated like this.
Oh, childů
Yes mommy?
You have taught me so much.

Submitted by the author 30 May 2003

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