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Morning Brew

Oh, once upon a morning sunny,
I brewed my coffee, strong and funny,
And as I sipped, two mice appeared,
New neighbors, tiny and quite weird.

They scurried up onto the table,
Their little paws very stable,
And with a squeak, they asked politely,
"Could we join you for your coffee?"

I shrugged and chuckled, "Why not try?",
And watched as they climbed up high,
With a tiny mug, they joined my sips,
Their little tails a-wiggle and flips.

We talked and laughed, those mice and I,
As we shared our coffee, steaming high,
And though it may sound strange to you,
I quite enjoyed that morning brew.

So if you see me sipping slow,
With two mice by my cup, you know,
It's just a silly little habit,
That I formed with my old neighbor, rabbit.

mice and coffee

Tim Gorski 2023


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