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Poetry By Carl Porten

I'm Mother Nature.

I gave you my hand
Now lend me your ear
I'm crying out loud
But still you don't hear

I've given you all
But you've made it clear
Will you sacrifice all
‘Till there's nothing left here

You say that you're smart
But I disagree
I've not much left now
But you don't agree

I'm hurting all over
When will you learn
With hearts full of greed
You yearn and you yearn

When I'm nothing more
Weeping alone
Will you still ask
As you sit on your throne

What more can I give
What else can you take
You've picked my bones dry
For your own selfish sake

I've begged and I've cried
Now my tears have run dry
I've watched in sheer terror
But still you won't try

You've burdened my oceans
With filth you don't need
Demolished my land
For the sake of your greed

I'm mother nature
And I'll tell you this
You'll pay with your lives
As I blow my last kiss.


Poetry © 2022 Carl Porten

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