Heather Leughmyer animal rightsMother's Day
By Heather Leughmyer
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Mother's Day
By Heather Leughmyer

Gradually her belly swells
Inside he kicks and shifts
Very soon she’ll gaze with love at
One of life’s great gifts
Her body labors overtime
Creating and preparing
Nourishment is borrowed through
The bond that they are sharing
Two harmonizing heartbeats
Separate yet connected
She cradles him internally
So peacefully protected.

When the pushing and the pain subside
She stares into his eyes
Emotion overwhelms her when
She finally hears his cries
This tiny little being
An extension of his mother
Affection so intense
She’s never felt it with another
Instinctively she guides his mouth to
The fluid he desires
Formulated flawlessly
Nutrition he requires.

But their happiness is fleeting
Their time together, finished
Her milk was never meant for him
It’s not to be diminished
She’s helpless to defend him
Despairingly she mourns
Her son was marked for murder
The moment he was born
A shattered mother, an orphaned son
An excessive price to pay
In an industry where there’s no such thing as
Happy Mother’s Day.

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