shenita-etwarooAnimal Rights and Other Poetry By Shenita Etwaroo From

My life in a cage - as narrated by a baby rabbit

Pain and screams, thatís all I hear now.Loneliness and fear, thatís all I feel now.Blood and death, thatís all I see now.An ExperimentÖ thatís all I am now.

For these callous people,whose obdurate hands will cripple,and divide body into partsódonít they have any hearts? To feel leniency on my soft skin,Through which they will inject in,chemicals, and poisons to test,for redundant things, they crush my chest.

They lead us to neurotic behavior;from intense stress, they give no savior.To stop this brutal practice en masse,Or to lead us to a way out, or passage, Through these small and murky cages,Within which Iíve spent my ages,Until you are with me, I can only cry,For when the cage opens, itís my turn to die.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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