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Soft and warm as you snuggled close,
I could tell you every thought,
Or I could just nuzzle your precious nose.
Unconditional love is what you taught.
Friends come in all shapes and sizes,
it just so happened that my best friend
was covered in fur and full of surprises.
Neo, you brought joy to my life that will never end.
With you as my inspiration,
my life changed in so many ways,
and that same inspiration,
is something that throughout life will stay.
My memory of you
keeps my heart from breaking,
but having to say goodbye to you,
leaves the ground beneath me quaking.
I only wanted you,
and I think you chose me too;
You were the best,
better than the rest!
When I first laid eyes on you,
there was no question by far,
with certainty I knew,
that you would always be my shining star.
Now I know that you are still with me,
my companion ever at my side,
but even that clarity
doesnít stop the grief I feel inside.
With a little bit of time,
and a whole lot of healing,
I know that Iíll feel your paw in mine,
and my heart youíll still be stealing.
As I shed yet another tear,
itís hard for me to think of another instant,
without you curled near,
I know our separation will not be constant.
We will be together in the end
and until that moment arrives,
I will always remember you, my beloved friend,
until then please know every tear shed by my eyes,
is filled with unending gratitude,
that a beautiful animal, small in size,
could have such an impact on my attitude.
I will remember the happy times,
the nuzzles and the snuggles;
I will remember just how fine
it was to share your cuddles.
Whenever I feel sad,
I will look up at the sky so far,
and know that you will always be,
my precious, shining star.
Thank you for the times we shared,
thank you for the love you gave,
thank you for the way you cared,
thank you for the memories I will save.
Thank you for being the most beautiful fur baby
that I have ever known,
thank you, Neo, for choosing me,
and the unconditional love youíve shown.

© Shenita Etwaroo

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