Tim GorskiPoetry and Art By Tim Gorski from All-Creatures.org

Night Bandits

Sly and cunning raccoons at night
Sneak through the alley, out of sight
To the garbage cans they make a beeline
With mischief in their little eyes so fine

With nimble paws and a twitchy nose
They open the lids, as if in a doze
They dig through the trash, to find a feast
While humans are sound asleep, at peace

But when dawn breaks and light appears
The humans wake up, rubbing their ears
They find the mess, and start to curse
The raccoons have done it again, for better or worse

So they set up traps and barriers galore
To keep the raccoons out, forevermore
But the raccoons are clever, and sly as a fox
They find a way in, through the smallest of locks

And so the battle between humans and raccoons
Goes on and on, like an endless tune
But maybe if they just shared the cans
The raccoons would stop their midnight plans

But who knows if that would ever be
For raccoons will be raccoons, wild and free
Sneaking through the alleys, in the dead of night
Leaving a mess, as if it were their right.


Tim Gorski 2023


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