Julie Dickinson

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Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Julie Dickinson


The TV programme
is some inane joke about a comedy family
who buy a hairless rat.

I watch it.
Alleged reverie moment.
Laughter on the TV screen.

and despicable to me.
No joke, human choked.

They mock hairless
pet rat,
out of country,
out of context.
Ugly, they say.

A beauty to me
amongst horrific script of
ignorant laughter,
poke of tomfoolery.

You sicken me.
Twit of a human.
Idiot of a scriptwriter.
Face of inhumanity.

Yet the story
ever circulates,
percolates from mind,
to garbage.

and ill scripted idea of animal.
What passes for compassionate.

I switch it off
and seethe.
No reprieve,
alone in darkness.


Wake up you hairless human animals.
Ridiculous cognitive fools,
better off in cages,
better off
- without tools. 

TV messaging
Art Julie Dickinson

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