Responsibly Numb
Poetry by Diana Moreton
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Responsibly Numb
Poetry by Diana Moreton

Screw meateaters, I will....
revile your every move as you
set out to consume them
tell tall tales about fathead fish

Petal pushers at dusk, dirty from dust
I smell a roast beef in the distance
I entrust my senses to what I see
I'll pet a dog, but won't pet thee

I belong to no particular human group
I have outdone my stay, my welcome
cynic in ‘human dominion' kingdom
moral agent doomed with vicarious pain

I love the woman who didn't know
in childhood kitchens of gingham
what I learned was hatred for them
Eating flesh in ecstasy as a child

I bid you forgive me my cruel actions
it is what I was taught so young
to love only some sentient creatures
toward the rest act responsibly numb

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