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Octopus Stew

Under the sea, in the coral and sand,
Lives an octopus, with eight arms at hand.
He's clever and smart, the brain of the sea,
Solving puzzles and problems, just watch and see.

He's got three hearts, that's two more than you,
And he's got no bones, he's flexible too.
He can squeeze through tight spaces, a trick you might try,
But I wouldn't recommend it, you might get stuck and cry.

He changes his skin color to blend with his scene,
Camouflaged and hidden, a masterful scheme.
He can even regenerate, grow limbs anew,
It's a skill that we humans just can't do.

He's crafty and sly, with an appetite so grand,
Eating crabs, shrimp, and fish, on demand.
And watch out, fellow octopus, he'll eat you too,
He's not picky at all, he's quite the foodie, it's true.

So if you're ever out swimming, and spot an octopus in view,
Don't be scared, say hello, he might just like you too,
In his next octopus stew.

octopus stew

Tim Gorski 2023


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