Poetry By Amy
An Animal Rights Poetry Collection from All-Creatures.org

My name is Amy and as of October 2013 I was nineteen years old. My passion for art and literature was a seed planted when I was at a very young age, as some of my earliest memories are of my mother teaching me to paint bowls of fruit and reading me Charles Dickens and C.S Lewis novels at night until I fell asleep.

My interest and love for art and literature has only flourished since, and has influenced me and guided me in many ways. After becoming vegan, my art and literature mostly began to focus around animal abuse and exploitation, the destruction of our planet, and the devastation of third world countries, as I wanted to raise awareness of the heartache these issues contained, and show people how they could make a difference.

At present, I am completing a novel and running an upcycled clothing business called Phoenix Apparel, with my mother. As well as creating one-off, upcycled clothes, the business sells my art work printed on garments, of which a percentage of sales will go to a charity that the image corresponds with.

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Poetry By Amy
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