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Paw Prints On My Heart

Paw prints are on my heart,
that will always be there,
no matter that weíre apart,
I feel you everywhere.
Neo my little one,
I know that you are free,
I know that all that we did,
Is making you happy.
I sit back and think of you,
I travel in my mind,
I see how your smile grew,
at the pebbles I would find.
The old blankets that you chewed,
have turned into my treasures,
at the time it was a nuisance,
now the memory gives me great pleasure.
Even the simple tasks,
like folding laundry on the bed,
help me remember the past,
as our shared time fills my head.
You would lounge beside me,
watch my every move,
wait for the chance to be funny,
make sure the sheets were smooth.
Neo my dear friend
I still hear your thumps,
to this day just as clear,
as my heartís steady pumps.
You were by my side then,
you showed me when something seemed off,
and let me know foe from friend,
with a flop of your ears or a cough.
I know youíre up there still,
watching over my day to day,
helping me to follow my will,
instead of just wasting away.
You inspired me to do more,
to see how far I could grow,
to try things Iíd never done,
and learn things I didnít know.
When I had to leave you behind,
I looked forward to coming home,
because there within I would find,
the best bunny Iíd ever known.
If you had the chance to be here,
I would trade anything for you,
alas I have only a tear,
and the final kiss I gave you.
I whisper my heartfelt prayer,
to God each and every night,
that Jesus is snuggling you there,
that you are still held so tight.
Though your time was not longer,
each moment was very sweet,
as you taught me to grow stronger,
that there was nothing I couldnít defeat.
Neo my dearest friend,
you opened my eyes to beauty,
for the first time I smiled,
when you first nuzzled against me.
Though many will not understand,
how deep our bond truly was,
whatever life has planned,
because of you I know love.
Let them talk and be cruel,
let them rush me to let go,
let them call me a fool,
Iím just sad that theyíll never know.
They donít know what itís like to care,
for another, so true and deep,
to have a companion always there,
whom your heart will always keep.
Friends will come and go,
family makes their own choices,
but your love will always show,
that my heart still rejoices.
No matter the years that drift by,
no matter how time marches on,
Iíll never doubt where or why,
my one true love has gone.
My true love is always near,
beloved in memory and soul,
a bunny with big floppy ears,
a friend who made me whole.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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