The Peaceful End
By Janet Riddle, from Animal Rights Online

You found me shivering at your door
I was matted, hungry and wore
Gently you warmed and fed me
I grew fast and happy

You've never kicked or hit me
or left me chained all day to a tree
No more broken bones or beatings
love is what a new day brings

Because of the kindness you've shown
I'll never again feel all alone
I love you my dearest friend
with my very life, I'll defend

The years have quickly passed
I'm tired and not as playful and fast
My bones creak and my joints are sore
Please understand I can't do much anymore

I know you love me and only want the best
but the time has come to let me rest
The kindest act of love you can show
is to ease my pain and let me go

Holding me tight, your face says "goodbye"
In with the needle, then you sigh
Oh my dear friend, do not tear
for I'm in heart and always near