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Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon from All-Creatures.org

People seem to think that chickens are stupid

People seem to think that chickens are stupid.

(…as if intelligence were a justification for slavery, abuse & murder….)

Chickens are very intelligent.

Y’all know I share space with a pigeon, 2 geese, & 5 ducks…

So, it’s a safe bet to say I dig birds.

They’re fascinating.

Reminiscent of smarty pants Pidge, the chicken exhibits remarkable skills.

Here are some über cool chicken facts:

  • Chickens can solve complex problems.
  • Chickens proven to be both cunning & deceptive. (Cluck cluck c-liar)
  • Chickens show empathy toward other individuals when sensing danger.
  • Chickens posses a feather packed vocabulary that scientists weigh ON PAR with primate species that utilize sophisticated signals.
  • Chickens make decisions based on their own prior experiences. (Reptilian brains works way different than mammals)
  • Chicken calls are both specific to objects & used broadly…(the same way that we use words, man)

Here are some horrific chicken for food facts:

  • The federal humane methods of slaughter Act requires animals be rendered unconscious prior to slaughter, however, bird are specifically excluded and they comprise more than 95% of ALL farm animals killed every year in the U.S.
  • Chickens are murdered around 42 DAYS old. (Chickens natural lifespan is around 15 YEARS!
  • When they’re murdered, they’re still peeping like chicks.
  • Chickens for food are genetically manipulated, forced to grow 65 times faster than their bodies would normally.

The vile industry continues to try to increase their growth rate.

  • Chickens that are too sick or injured for food supply are dumped alive into mass graves.
  • Chickens can be killed at a rate of 140 chickens per minute in slaughterhouses.

The ethical implications….

  • Chickens are intelligent.
  • Chickens are self aware.
  • Chickens are aware of others.
  • Chickens value their lives.

Moral consideration for the chicken.
Stop eating them! 

smart Chickens

©Heidi Coon, 2023

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