Who's On Your Plate
By Janet Riddle
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

Who's On Your Plate
By Janet Riddle

Another day, another meal
another life your actions steal
Living beings killed for meat
approvingly you sit down to eat
Already dead when in your clutch
a slice of carcass you easily touch
This murdered flesh you consume
you're a grave, another's tomb
You don't notice you are blind
consequences never come to mind
As long as you refuse to look
you can't see the lives you took
Cries uttered upon deaf ears
this merciless death, you can't hear
Acknowledgment can be hard
but ignorance leads to disregard
Neatly packaged, hidden gore
realizations easy to ignore
Awakened morals, a fresh start
change comes from within the heart

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