Poems on the Blackboard
By Barbara Snow
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Poems on the Blackboard
By Barbara Snow

Not pickup cats! You say there’s no law.
Can we turn our backs to Kitty when he gives us his paw?
Out in Fairfax County for themselves they now fend
We’re 100% for dogs, but bargain basement his friend.

“Public Expectations” say Warden 19, mandate a change
Animal Wardens handling cats! That’s not so strange.
The BEST can be better, ‘Purr’fect at that
Just say yes to the citizens – be fair to the Cat!

Fairfax County treats us well and sends us to school
Highly trained wardens – we follow each rule
We fear no viscous dog or buck with big horns
We rescue Opossum, Ferrets, Duck and even the swans.

We’re there for snapping turtles as they go on their way
For all that we do, there’s a high range of pay.
We save mocking bird mommas, their babies as well
We worry no teeth of the beaver or how the skunks smell.

We keep rabbits from predators, dogs from running loose
Chase a horse in the road and even a goose.
Citizens call us for a snake in their house
Raccoons in their trash; they’re scared of a mouse.

They need traps for a groundhog, the deer eat their trees
We get scratched, bit and cursed at and take home the fleas.
All in a day’s work whether squirrel, fox or bat
Stand up and be counted, it’s time to think ‘Cat”.

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